Tuesday, January 6, 2015

From 2.5D to 2D: The Sanitarum Nightclub

It's been a while since I've had time to devote to Bloodhunt. First, here's a couple of mockups that may help visualizing the transition to the smaller realm of 2D pixel RPGs.

In this first mockup we can see the character selection screen. The changes are subtle:

  • There's no male/female to choose from. Now you choose between the 7 different vampire bloodlines, meaning there's no female and male version. Less pixel work.
  • Instead of Tremere now we can read Lumiax. Vampire: the Masquerade names have been replaced by a new vampire mythology. This is just a tricky way to avoid CCP shutting down the game for using their IPs. 

In the second mockup we can see an interior location depicted in 2D instead of 2.5D. Again, this is just for the sake of simplicity. The 2.5D Asylum nightclub now becomes the 2D Sanitarum nightclub. Here's the old 2.5D version so you can compare size and complexity versus vibe. 

We've lost the pole dancer, the security cam and nothing more. I think we can live without the 2.5D then.


  1. So is this project dead?

    1. It's not dead, just sleeping in lethargy. I've taken a time off to invest in my vampire card game. But I'll come back to bloodhunt, I promise :D