Friday, August 15, 2014

Cards, Dialogs And Other Summer Things

These last weeks I've been very busy, among other things, designing an expansion for my vampire card game Nights of Blood. It's not finished (or tested) yet, but I've made some new illustrations for the cards. Sorry, they're still in Spanish. I'll translate them after playtesting and refinements are done.

However, there's more to cards in this week. I've had some time to invest in Bloodhunt. I have struggled with the dialog system: that beatiful thing that makes you talk to all characters in the game, choosing what to respond and defining the sequence of dialogs in the game. Even if it seems rather simple, a graphic adventure such as Monkey Island has a dialog system that allows the game to move characters in the scenario, play animations (such as Guybrush looking to the camera or scratching his head) and other theatrical actions to achieve a dramatic effect in the dialog script. But there's even more to that. Unlike graphic adventures, RPGs add to the classic dialog formula some phrases that include a dice roll leading to a branching dialog where you can fail or succeed in the action. A typical example would be an Intimidate, Seduce, Persuade or Lie dialog line which may end in two different outcomes.
Even thought it's far from finished, I've made the basic part of the dialog system (no stage actions or dice rolls yet). You can see the dialog running in the following video (again, sorry since it's in Spanish).

And as a small preview, here's a couple of mockups of the exploration system and the quest journal.

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