Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Rats in the Attic: New Portraits for Female Nosferatu and Malkavian

Let's face the ugliness of the situation. I'm making a portrait of a female Nosferatu. In pixelart. Somehow it turns out too pretty. Maybe I couldn't portray the little details that haunt me most. Her pointy teeth. Her rat-like ears. And her unspeakable stench. I whish I could forget that poisonous smell. The devil is the details or so they say. I think I'm gonna puke again. Sorry.

Also, I've spent some time with the female Lunatic. She was too young and sexy. Now she's a patched version of Emilie Autumn. Subconscious reference I guess. Also, I have just realized a typo in Dementation.

And a little GIF to wrap the post. Basically, it's the new characters and a small preview of the dialog system. Note that all characters blink while in idle to add a bit of realism.

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  1. a little more rotton coloured skin prehaps?