Saturday, April 19, 2014

CCP, What Have You Done?

After eight years of development, CCP has finally decided to kill the World of Darkness MMO project. This is crealy bad news for all fans of Vampire: the Masquerade. But even after such terrible news, we should try to get some possitive thinking in order to learn something out of CCP's mistakes.
First, I still wonder why did CCP put such big effort in hiding the game from the fans, which I think is a terrible mistake. The fans need something to build some anticipation. In eight years all I have seen is just these a few screenshots and two cinematic videos. It's not a good sign when you're not showing your game to your fans.

Another thing that bugs me is the urge for MMOs in a game that only has two single player games. Sure, it's a great idea to make a huge MMO and all, but let's face the facts, Vampire: the Masquerade is one of the role playing universes with less videogame adaptations ever. Not only is far from the hundreds of D&D games before the franchise went online, even in general RPG terms, games such as the Elder Scrolls saga needed five installments until they finally hit the online universe.
I know there's a huge body of knowledge in VtM books and tabletop games, but it can't be directly translated to a videogame. This an iterative process that needs some games to master what works and what not in a computer RPG. In this sense, I think that now Vampire: the Masquerade needs a single-player game to start a new path after Bloodlines and the World of Darkness MMO failure.

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