Monday, March 3, 2014

Dynamic Glow Effects

Just a quick update about special effects. Disclaimer: it may get a bit technical, so if you're not much into programming don't worry and skip right to the GIF below. 
In general terms, I pretty much like how dynamic effects blend with pixelart. So I've been playing with Flixel Power Tools in order to get some beautiful glows for Bloodhunt. Flixel Power Tools comes with an integrated manager for special effects (FlxSpecialFx) which includes a fully functional blur effect. This means that my desired red glow effect can be achieved with a copy of the original portrait BitmapData, applying a blur (BlurFx), a color tint and a lighten blend mode. Almost. 
Here's a GIF showing the current state of the glow effect. Click on the image in order to see a high-res version of the GIF. It's about 2 Mb so maybe it's time for me to start recording in youtube.

Here's the issue. Since I'm using for the blurred image a duplicate of the original portrait, the darker portraits (Brujah, Gangrel and Tremere) have no glow on the black corners, creating a discontious glow effect. As in the picture below:

It is a tiny glitch without any kind of importance, but I'd like to solve it as soon as possible. The simplest solution is to replace all colors in the duplicate BitmapData for a solid color like pure white, making the glow visible in all corners with independence of the color of the portrait. I think that's the algorithm behind Photoshop's outer glow filter.

PS: Also, there's a new female Gangrel character. Cheers!


  1. Hey man, love the look of the female Gangrel (Gangrel are my favourite clan). Just a question about the male Gangrel, could you please give him a big beard please :P

    1. Sure thing! Let's make it a big beard and a wolverine look in his eyes. Thanks a lot for your comment :D