Sunday, October 27, 2013


More concepts and pre-production. Here's a finished version of the quest log screen (with a big portrait of the quest giver, in this case, Therese). 

Also, here's a couple of inventory mock ups. Note that the trade interface is just a mirrored inventory where you can compare items from your inventory to the items of the seller inventory.

And here comes the new stuff. Pixelated characters. I hope you can find the 3 characters starring in Bloodlines: Therese, Smiling Jack and the Asylum bartender. Jeanette and Lacroix are coming soon.

Hacking needs a brand new interface for Bloodhunt. In Bloodlines, hacking required the player to type console commands and eventually press Ctrl+H to hack a password. It was strange and not very usable. 

I've redesign hacking to make it more accessible. Players can hack computers with simple choices much like a regular dialog. Point and click your choice.

Lockpicking also requered some re-engineering. The basic interface is pretty much the same as in extended actions, since lockpicking actually is an extended action that requires you to accumulate a predefined amount of successes to pick the lock. A very important gameplay detail, in order to use lockpicking you need two things: skill and tools. In the screenshot you can see a pick and a screwdiver. These are not simply aesthetics. In fact, you need to get these tools before you can try lockpicking a door. Of course, other kinds of locks require different tools. A padlock requires 2 lockpicks, for instance. And tools wear off and eventually break when you botch a roll.


  1. Hay! What is going on here? It is some sort of a game? Do you have any russian translation?

    1. Yes, I'm developing a Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines demake. It will be released in english and spanish but I'll explain how easily you can add a translation to the game ;)

    2. Oh,WOW! It's gonna be really cool! I have some pirates-translators group, it will be great, if you can upload to me some kind of manual, how we can do it! :)