Friday, June 1, 2012

A spiritual sequel to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

It's been almost two months since this project started. It's about time to start a development blog. But first...

What is Vampire the Masquerade: Renaissance?

It's an indie game about vampires, a spiritual sequel to Troika's Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines with modern-day technology (specifically, it's going to be developed in Unity).


  • All 13 vampire clans and 3 sects (Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarchs). 
  • Custom character creation. 
  • Cinematic cut-scenes and dialogs a la Mass Effect. 
  • Different story endings.
  • New interface.
  • New action-RPG combat system. 
  • New abilities: Athletics, Survival, Occult. 
  • Virtues, Humanity and Willpower. 
  • Interactive comic-book for the prelude.

Scope of the project

After intense debate with the community, I'm still worried about the game scope. Everybody wants a Vampire the Masquerade game covering all triple A aspects of a vampire game like Bloodlines or World of Darkness MMO. However, an indie game cannot meet these goals within a reasonable schedule. How can we reduce the scope of the game without damaging the essence of a vampire game? These are some ideas:

  • Episodic games: one clan at a time. Instead of struggling to deliver all 13 clans, with all their disciplines, let's focus on a single clan with their 3 disciplines (+ bloody buff and heal). The question here is which clan to start with? 
  • Leaving graphic realism. Goth-punk realism is hard to achieve. Maybe a cell-shaded stylized version could be more attainable. Low pollies and shaders can work miracles. Of course, it will be harder to maintain darkness and horror.
  • Less action, more RPG. Real-time gameplay is great, but it demands closer testing and debugging. RPG gameplay works with stats, dice rolls and probabilities instead of collisions, ray tracing and kinematics. Much easier to implement, test and debug. Warning: let's try not to end up with a turn-based tactical RPG.


  1. Ohhhh dayyyyum. Will be watching this for sure.

  2. I hope you are still considering this idea. This is not a one man project however, if you really want to do this game justice, you will need help. My advice - get the ball rolling, there are more than enough people out there with a great passion for this game - with the technical background (I am a Software Engineer) who will go to great lengths to see an underrated (by the industry) game like this have a true sequel. Developer tools are getting better and better. I could see a solid team of around 8 people making this happen.

    I google "vampire bloodlines sequel" almost every month. I really want to see this game come back in some form.

  3. I am realy looking foward to the outcome of this project. I always felt like VTM:B needed a sequal, and it's great seeing a group of dedicated fans making just that!
    You should make a Facebook and Steam group to get more publicitiy. Who knows? Maybe some more people will notice and decide to help out!

    1. Thank you very much for your support! We have a google+ and a facebook page but there's still room for a steam group :D

  4. This made my day!

    Two questions:
    1) Have you considered a Kickstarter campaign?
    2) Do you have permission from White Wolf Publishing?

    1. 1. Yes, we've considered Kickstarter and we've decided to wait until the project is a bit more complete. Making a crowdfunding campaign is a ton of work and now these efforts should focus on the game :D

      2. Yes, kind of. I contacted WhiteWolf Publishing just before starting the project. They are OK with our game as long as it remains indie and non-profit (which by the way was our initial intention). Anyways, at some point or another we have to pitch the game back to WhiteWolf, since we're using their IPs :P

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  6. I would pay 80 bucks for a good sequel

  7. I love this game, it is a must to bring it back better than ever!

  8. Yes! keep going!

  9. I love you guys! Seriously this is one of the best things that could ever happen in the world of gaming :D

  10. btw I'm all for the less action more RPG thingy or maybe even the lower graphics thing. I think it would be a shame to not have the different clans in the same "parts" of the game

  11. Please make it happen.

  12. From the darkest corners of russian snow deserts with love.
    Guys, just make it happen. Please.
    VTM have one of the best settings i have ever sought. Darkness, plots, conspiracies. In Bloodlines of Troika(it means "Trinity" in russian by the way) it was awesome.
    And there should be more of games in this setting. For the Greater Good of Kine.

  13. oh, please, please, PLEASE make it happen! you have no idea how excited I got reading this!

  14. I was really excited when I've found out that there were others, like me, whom absolutely loved the first game and were developping a second. Its a shame that it hadn't turned out well; though hopefully it won't be stopping you from trying once more.

    If you decide to completely stop the project, would you be capable of sharing the work you have done thus far? This may potential cause others to pick up where you've left off and hopefully create a wonderful game.

    1. You're totally right. Let me first organize a bit all the documents and I'll post the most relevant parts.

  15. is this still a thing? i love the first game and really want to play this.