Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quest example

Quest description: Nantes, the masked Nosferatu, told you to find a drug dealer who is pushing vampire blood to mortals, in the Low Life nightclub. “It’s not clean business”, he said, “not to mention how badly looks to the public”.
  • Sub-goal 1: go to Low Life nightclub.
  • Sub-goal 2: find and kill the vampire blood dealer.
  • Optional sub-goal 3: find and kill the vampire blood supplier.

You enter a crowded nightclub with a rusted metal sign: Low Life. [Sub-goal 1 completed: go to Low Life nightclub]. Loud EBM music, neon lights, and a very low ceiling. Nantes told you that the vampire blood dealer was easy to recognize: “Black leather coat, big muscles… like a Matrix fanboy really high on steroids”. And there you find the dealer, perfectly matching the description. He’s exchanging something hand to hand, then he arrogantly adjusts his sunglasses.

 [Option 1. You talk to the dealer]
Dealer: You looking for good shit, kiddo?
1. You: What do you have?
Dealer: I got all kind of pills, acids and powders. Best quality at best prices.
2. You: [Persuasion: Charisma + Scholarship, difficulty 7] Let’s talk in a more private place. I can’t hear my own thoughts with this music.
[Fail] Dealer: Nah. Here’s all the fun, kiddo. Come back when you want to make some serious business. [End of dialog]
[Success] Dealer: Okay, let’s go to my office. [End of dialog. The dealer guides you to his muscle car].
3. You: [Seduction: Appearance + Subterfuge, difficulty 8 as male, difficulty 6 as female] Let’s go somewhere more private. I can’t hear your voice with this music.
Same as 2.
4. You: [Intimidation: Intelligence + Intimidation, difficulty 6] I’m looking for your best shit, “kiddo”. Show me what you got. Now.
[Fail] Dealer: You kidding me? I’ve eaten bigger thugs than you for breakfast. [End of dialog, Dealer starts combat]
[Success] Dealer: You kidding me? I’ve eaten bigger thu- [You grab the dealer’s neck, rising him above the ground] Okay, okay. Here’s all I have [and he shows you the vampire blood vials].

[Option 2. You draw your weapon] The crowd runs randomly in panic. The dealer begins a runaway towards his black muscle car in the back of the nightclub.
[Chase fail] If the dealer reaches his car, he will run away. [End of quest. Failure in sub-goal 2: find and kill the vampire blood dealer]
[Chase success] If you successfully chase him, he will fight you. When you defeat him, the dealer surrenders.
Dealer: Oh, please, have mercy. Here’s all I have [the dealer gives you the vampire blood vials].
1: You: Why are you selling vampire blood?
Dealer: It’s the newest shit in town. Just a sip and you’re as high as you’ve never been. Crazy stuff, man. And they always come back for more. [Dialog options 4 and 5 appear]
2. You: Who gave you the vials?
Dealer: Mistress Lillian, of course. She gives me her blood and I push the vials all across the neighborhood. Neat business for my mistress. [Dialog options 4 and 5 appear]
3. You: Who’s your vampire blood supplier?
Same as 2.
4. You: I’m afraid I can’t let you live. [You kill the dealer. Humanity check. Sub-goal 2 completed: find and kill the vampire blood dealer]
5. You: Your life ends up here, “kiddo”. [Same as 4]

You can follow the lead to the Malkavian vampire Mistress Lillian to complete the optional sub-goal 3.

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