Monday, June 4, 2012


The Keepers have a noble Spanish origin, as founders of the Sabbat (and medieval inquisitors). They are pale, morbid, and they control the shadows with Obtenebration. They typically wear in strict black and white fashion (with gothic textures: latex, PVC). Long dresses for women. Slim three piece suits for men.

1. Lasombra, 2. Gangrel, 3. N/A, 4. Toreador, 5. Tremere, 6. Brujah

Weakness: Lasombra vampires cast no reflection. This can be an advantage (you can’t be recorded by a security cam), but it also scares humans (seeing someone not reflected in a shop window or a water pool in the street). In addition, the Keepers are extremely vulnerable to sunlight (they get double aggravated damage by it).

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