Friday, June 15, 2012

A Dark Vision Thing

Forget about Bela Lugosi, the Lost Boys and John Carpenter’s vampires. We’re not in the 80s anymore. Times have changed, but blood still tastes as familiar as ever.

When the Venture tower exploded, the city lost a little bit more than just a pretentious Prince. It lost control. And of course, a city without control is easily devoured by war.

The Camarilla couldn’t maintain their false appearance of leadership. The doors of the city were open, and everyone came to the party. The Sabbat made quite an entrance as usual, with fireworks and all. The new Prince lasted less than a month. His head was delivered to the Elysium in a ticking box. And the Anarchs took this opportunity to step in, for the sake of liberty and justice, of course. Shortly after, the Independent clans took their domains with more or less acknowledgement of the Camarilla. And there are recent rumors of even more uninvited guests: werewolves, my friend.

So you want some advice? Better keep your eyes open and choose your allies wisely. This city is in war. You’ll end up taking a side sooner or later. Just make sure it’s the winning side, okay?

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